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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Under Construction

For many years I've been wanting to start my business, but there's so many things I need to do beforehand, like get a domain, start a website, etc. I've been putting things off for so long because I couldn't come up with the perfect name, the perfect domain, the perfect... anything. Finally I've had enough waiting around for anything perfect.

I came up with something good. I think? ProjectQuality.net will do for now.

Lesson 01: Don't let perfect get in the way of good.

So I registered my domain, created a website on Blogger just so that I'd have a website (TODO: put together a portfolio and get that published ASAP), and am working on email. Then I can stop using my personal email for everything and switch to my business accounts.

Problem? I can't create email addresses on my new domain because I don't have an email account on my new domain.

The admin console requires a GSuite account in order to even access it, but I need access to the admin console in order to create my GSuite account (and subsequent email addresses). Got on the phone with GSuite support, who informed me very politely that I'd need to access the admin console in order to generate a support code.

I definitely didn't expect this to be such a silly process. Currently waiting to hear back from their support team. Didn't even get a confirmation email that they received my request, which is strange.

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